The Community of Hopeweavers aims to offer sanctuary space and resources for individuals and groups who seek silence and stillness as part of a Christian faith journey:

  • to create places away from our everyday lives where we can be refreshed and experience peace and quiet;
  • safe places where we can dream dreams and receive from God in stillness and calm;
  • somewhere to share silence with others, to learn more about prayer and to make ourselves available to God, to listen;
  • encouraging and valuing creativity as a way of responding to God;
  • for Christians and people of all faiths or none, of all ages, in small groups, teams, as individuals, in family groups.

Since June 2007, our ministry has developed to include Quiet Days, Hopeweavers@Home, Group and Team DaysworkshopsRefresh, Soul Daysand the support of individuals, communities and groups through regular times of prayer, mentoring and spiritual direction. Do contact us to find out more.


Community of Hopeweavers Cross
Members of the Community of Hopeweavers carry a simple cross made of copper and aluminium rod - rod used by sculptors as the foundation for their work. Each cross is slightly different and made by community artists. It represents the risen Christ at the centre, bound in copper in three places to represent the Trinity.  The cross and circular frame, like our Rule of Life, remind us of our focus as we seek to be followers of Jesus.  For more information click here Members.

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Updated 22/08/16 

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