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The Community of Hopeweavers are a dispersed fellowship of friends who seek God through stillness and silence, prayer, creativity, conversation and food, sharing the ups and downs of life wherever we are called to live and work.

In 2015, we were welcomed as an Acknowledged Anglican Religious Community by the Advisory Council for Relations between Bishops and Religious Communities.  We are very fortunate to be supported by our Episcopal Visitor and our Warden.  
Through Quiet Days and other opportunities, we work together to offer a focus for all those who seek stillness as part of a Christian faith journey. We welcome you whatever your circumstances or beliefs. Our vision is to develop creative space within our everyday lives where we can make ourselves available to God.  Many come to our quiet days and retreats and find Hopeweavers to be a place of creative renewal as we seek to serve God where we are each called to be. Weaving hope into every day.

Some choose to become Members of the Community of Hopeweavers, prayerfully supporting this ministry and living to our Rule of Life. 



For more information about Hopeweavers, you may like to read the following:

Hopeweaver Gathering 2012.pdf Hopeweaver Gathering 2012.pdf
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Guardian's Update 2016.pdf Guardian's Update 2016.pdf
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The Community of Hopeweavers considers the safety and protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults to be paramount. The Community recognises that in order for this to be done safely and effectively, it is necessary to have and implement a policy on Safeguarding.  This policy is in accordance with the Diocese of Winchester guidelines and requirements. Please contact us if you have any safeguarding concerns.

Updated 14/09/20 


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