Space to explore our creativity alongside others as we seek to draw closer to God

The Community of Hopeweavers values creativity as part of our Rule of Life.  
Over many years we have offered creative opportunities at conferences, quiet days and in other settings, and together have sought to encourage each other. 
ArtSchool@hopeweavers is offered to all who would like to explore and
 learn more about creativity, within the context of stillness and silence.

Updated Notice
Following the UK Government's advice, the Guardians have decided that all activities offered by the Community of Hopeweavers at Tardis and in other places, will cease completely for the foreseeable future.  Plans are being made for alternative ways of communicating and sharing prayer together through these challenging times.

17th March 2020

Members, Friends and previous ArtSchool@hopeweavers participants are warmly invited to drop in on 
11th March 2020 
to join in some quiet creative prayer and space to discuss future sessions.  Please contact us to find out more  

New dates for 2020 coming soon … 

A typical ArtSchool Session outline:
eg. Wednesday Evenings/approximate times:

6.30pm - Hopeweaver Evening Prayer
6.40pm - the topic is introduced – eg Pilgrimage - with someone sharing their work and suggesting starting points.
6.50pm – 60 minutes+ of quiet reflection and space to create working in silence alongside each other, in the art room and in other spaces around the site,
help yourself refreshments
7.50pm – finishing off and gathering back together for:
8.00pm – sharing and discussion
8.20pm – Hopeweaver Night Prayer

Updated 12/04/20 

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