Creative Workshops

Inspiring creativity together 

The Community of Hopeweavers are involved in a variety of communal expressions of creativity. The following examples may inspire you to create a group and to make something beautiful!

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Arising is all about God and creativity. 

We are pleased to support this group who provide a safe, non-judgemental space where Christians can explore and express their faith through their creative activity. 

Click here to find out more. Places available!

The Anchor Cross Portsmouth Diocese

We were privileged to offer creative and still space for those attending the Portsmouth Diocesan Conference at High Leigh, Hertfordshire, in September 2015.  Participants contributed a small broken or discarded thing as we pondered our own sense of brokenness, clustering around Christ as we created the Anchor Cross together. 

Hopeweavers at Whitby April 2015

We were part of the 'Treasures Old and New' Conference.  
The keynote address was by Archbishop Justin Welby and the week involved folks from a variety of traditional, acknowledged and emerging Religious Communities.  Follow the link for more information  

Thornhill Art Group - we are also pleased to support TAG.  If you are interested in developing your creativity on a regular basis alongside others, consider joining Thornhill Art Group who meet on Monday afternoons in Thornhill, Southampton.  

Waiting list places available!

Updated 19/02/18 


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