Poetry and Reflections

Don and Irene Bowles  

Lord you made me a Martha

Lord you made me a Martha 
And busy I'd rather be 
But as I get older and slower
It is more like a Mary for me.
My mind flits like a butterfly
Flying from place to place
Being here at Hopeweavers
I'm learning to be still by your grace.
The gift of your living waters
Flows from your cross to me
Looking out at your creation
Knowing the old can renew.
The warmth the wood fire embers
Reminds me of your warmth so true
As I let go of my fears for the future
And give up my will to you.
As I go back home to the future
Ready to try things new
May I always remember to take time

To be still and closer to you.

Hopeweavers offers peace in the Lord

Peace in the Lord
Encourages us to
Worship and praise
Enjoy creation through
Art and the Word.
Listening for His 
Voice knowing He will
Enlighten us in a very
Real way as we

Silently spend time with Him. 


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