Pippa Mills    

September Psalm

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life

The world buzzes as a hive full of bees;
I rush round like an ant in a colony

No sooner has one task been done
Than ten more are added to the list.

I fill my life with my agendas;
My own timetable is my dictator.

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life

I run like a deer that is hunted;
I am driven by the demands that chase me.

I run ‘til I can run no more;
I push on until all energy is gone.

I fear if I stop I shall be smothered,
If I sit and rest that I shall be overwhelmed.

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life

Jesus, your life was so busy;
There were demands on you from every side.

The crowds pressed in and begged for your healing;
They surrounded you and asked for your touch.

Your followers hungered for your teaching;
The disciples needed help all the time.

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life

Jesus, you spent time on your own;
You climbed mountains and prayed by yourself.

You were so close to your Father:
God’s thoughts are yours and yours God’s.

Jesus, your choices were wise;
Your decisions made with the wisdom of God.

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life

Spirit fill me again with your life;
Overflow to all who I meet.

God grant me the gift of your wisdom;
Help me see what you want me to do.

Jesus teach me to spend time on the mountain,
Sit by me as I worship in awe.

God is my reason for being: the essence of all that is life
PJM 24 Sep 2011

I am called…

Let love be genuine (Romans 12:9a)

I am daughter.
Born, nurtured, loved,
grown to independence
and now
depended on.

I am wife.
Joined by choice,
supported and supporting.
Lives intertwined
yet lived in proximity and distance.

I am mother.
Birthing, nurturing, loving.
Young lives forged
by laughter, tears, anger, joy and pain
as personalities are formed.

I am friend.
Mug in hand,
storied shared round tables
taking turns
to speak and to listen.

I am priest.
Doing, being, observed.
Seeking to bring others to You
and standing back as
You come to them.

Daughter, wife, mother, friend, priest.
Each name a gift,
a treasure,
spoken together:
an overwhelming noise.

I am nothing.
I am precious.
I am Yours.
Keep this love genuine.
Through the cacophony
whisper my name, God.

I am called…

PJM 20 June 2012

Topped up
(Reflections on a sunny Quiet Day afternoon in a very wet May, watching as the fountain is topped up with well water)

Warmth of sun on skin
sinks in to my inner core.
Water, pumped from darkness,
sparkles and dances in the breeze,
pulled from silent depths
to playful sunlit overflowing.
Tension and worry put to one side
I smile at the exuberance of a single marigold’s brilliant orange
amongst the dead and brittle stems of last year’s growth.
May this be more than a memory.
May warmth and water and smile of the Spirit
live in my heart
and overflow
until the next refilling time.

PJM 12 May 2012

Thread Bare
(Noticing a well-worn piece of carpet and reflecting on the tiredness of quiet day participants)

Thread bare:
worn down by the traffic of our lives.
Frayed edges a danger to unwary feet,
brightness and colour faded
almost to a memory.
Holes reveal the boards beneath.

Laid bare:
warp and weft exposed.
Yet loving eye and careful fingers
may still trace the original design,
and holes offer space for Your repair.
Come, hope weaving God,
renew the pattern of my life
that others may see Your threads in me.

PJM 12 May 2012

Be careful at the threshold…

Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,
  to the house of the God of Jacob:
that he may teach us his ways
  and that we may walk in his paths  
Isaiah 2:3a

Is this the way?
I heard your call,
stepped out in faith;
but fading light makes feet less sure.
Do I stumble because I have lost the path
or must I learn to feel the rock?
Be careful at the threshold.

Is this the way?
An open door
invites me in;
but the step seems far too high.
Is this a barrier to turn me back
or a challenge to trust in You?
Be careful at the threshold.

Is this the way?
I move from darkness into light,
from cold to warmth, and back again;
but change, disorientating, spins me round.
Is this the unsettling Spirit’s work
or an invitation to sit and wait with You?
Be careful at the threshold.

‘I am The Way
The Truth,
The Life’, you said;
but not the smooth path or easy road.
In my stumbling, challenging, dizzying walk,
Holy Spirit, keep me attentive to the Way and Word.
God be with me at the thresholds.

PJM 18 Feb 12

Slow Down
Reflections on God during a walk through a garden

Slow down.
When you hurry past intent on all you have to do
you do not notice me.

Slow down.
When your mind is full of what was and what’s to come
there’s no space for what is.

I am the pattern under the moss on the stone.
I am the treasure hidden by the growth of the garden.
I am the smile carved in the heart of the tree.
I am the beauty in the ordinary stuff of life.

Slow down.
If you hurry past you will not know that
I am.

PJM Nov 11


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