Susan Lee   

Umbrellas by Susan Lee

Why do I have my umbrella up
Shielding me from all
The graces and gifts
That you shower on me
So freely and abundantly?
Shower! No pour!
Abundant torrents that
Would soak me through
If only I would let them.
Lord, I want to
Throw down my umbrella
And allow myself to be soaked
by your grace,
Forgiveness and love.

Are your arms too short? by Susan Lee

I made in clay a figure of Christ with his arms held out to embrace me. I realised that I had made the arms too short and in response to that wrote –

Are your arms too short
To embrace?
Or do they encircle me
And hold me?
Are your arms too short
To reach out
When I need you
To hold me,
To reassure me,
To comfort and enfold me?
Are my arms too short
To embrace You?
To embrace you in others
Who also need to be
Held, comforted, reassured.


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