Abigail Prokop 

A reflection on the July 2012 Community Day: ‘God, Science and Beauty’ with Simon Kolstoe

A universe outside, another within. The first bigger than my mind can understand, the second smaller than my human eyes can see – and amongst this immensity and miniscule detail is ME.

Neither big nor small on a universal scale. Less than a breath in time or a speck in creation. But significant to you.


Bought at a price (1 Corinthians 6:20)

Reflections on the Community Day in June 2012 on the theme “How then shall we live?”

If I idle my time away,

Putting me first each day,
Pretending my life’s okay,
Am I priceless to you?

When I’m tempted and go astray,

Behaving badly, keeping you at bay,
Head full of nonsense, feet of clay,
Am I priceless to you?

When the last thing I do is pray,
And I push all my friends away,
Do you love me still, come what may?
Am I priceless to you?

Bought at the highest price
The answer must be yes, I guess,
And though you ask no recompense
The question is now, I see,
Am I priceless to me?

A reflection on Psalm 139:4
Written at the Inspire Quiet Day in October 2011

You encompass me like a blanket, tucked in just right…
Like a hot, fragrant bubble bath…
Like freshly laundered sheets…
Like a favourite jumper…
Like the gentle warmth of a still summer day…
Like a pair of strong arms holding me close…
Like the parent I lost or the lover yet to meet…
…you encompass me like that.


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