Peter Jones 

Calling and Vocation. 

The Alabaster Jar by Peter Jones

Taken off the shelf ready for the Journey.
Where to next nobody knows, but ready and willing, I am off on the road.
The journey is unknown the path unclear but simply being is clear.

I find myself in a house full of strangers, no familiar faces.
It feels strangely uncomfortable and an unlikely place to be,
What I am here for?
What I am doing?
What am I to be?

I am taken over to see somebody, reclining in a Chair,
He looks down at me his eyes shine clearly.
He looks through me, 
What am I do?

Dropped broken on the floor,
Nowhere to go.
Yet it’s where I belong 
Broken at the feet of the master. 
I am the alabaster Jar.

Peter Jones 2012


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