Exhibitions and Projects

Sharing creativity

There will be a pop-up art gallery at the next AGM for the Community of Hopeweavers on Saturday 9th March 2019.  The aim is to share creative work undertaken by Members and work begun through ArtSchool@hopeweavers. If you would like to be part of this time of sharing or are a Member or Enquirer and want to display some work, please contact us 


Art work is available for loan or for sale or by commission and can often be seen as part of services and other events in local churches. We have been invited to create sanctuary and prayer spaces in secular and faith-based settings, where art work from hopeweavers can often be found.  

Judith Handford, a Member of the Community of Hopeweavers, had eight canvases on show as part of New Wine 2017.  In December 2017, Judith then offered some of her canvases for a silent auction which raised several hundred pounds for Beyond the Streets.

Studio visits are welcome - but please ring first to arrange a suitable time. We stock a modest supply of excellent quality art materials - ask Jac if this is of interest to you. We thank all those able to purchase art work - all sales support our ministry at hopeweavers.

2018 Retreat Association Conference at The Hayes Derbyshire ... 
read the Conference report and see some images here!

 Hopeweaver Sanctuary Spaces  

We worked alongside the young people and staff at Bluebird House to create 'The Sanctuary' together. This is part of the circular rainbow rag rug that fills the centre of the prayer space - we made it in 10 sections by tying and knotting reclaimed fabrics together.  We also created a triptych wall hanging with over 150 panels made by Bluebird young people and staff.  

It is a great privilege to share creativity with folks of all ages living and working in a variety of settings. 

We were invited to help create a similar sanctuary space at Ravenswood and then to be part of re-imagining the Chapel alongside staff and students at the Royal School, Surrey. 

contactus if you think we may be help to assist you as you develop your own sanctuary spaces - we have an excellent team of leaders who
 could be available to work alongside you in your own setting

Pentecost Artwork 

Work underway in the studio to produce a Taize Pentecost backdrop for a previous celebration at St Luke's Church

 RMS Exhibition 

Following the successful launch in 2014, work from the microworld reflections RMS Project was on show in various virtual and actual galleries. 

Band for Life

Larger than life 'Band for Life' musicians at the Parish of St Nicholas and St Hubert, Corfe Mullen, Dorset. The towering figures were woven by both worshippers and church-centre users. 

          Updated 11/02/19

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