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Since 2007, Hopeweavers has developed a growing community of Friends to support our ministry. We are thankful for the encouragement and blessing of the Church of England through the Advisory Council for Relations between Bishops and Religious Communities.  More locally we enjoy good relationships with Winchester and Portsmouth Dioceses - and more locally to our main base through St James' and St Luke's church communities. We receive prayerful support from a wide number of other denominations and Christian traditions. 

Becoming a 'Friend of Hopeweavers' is one way in 
which you can become more involved in the Community of Hopeweavers. You will receive a newsletter about 4 times a year and you will hear about other news in advance. Please get in touch with one of the Team or click on the link below if you would like to join the friends already supporting our ministry!

Click here to find out more and to sign up

The Community of Hopeweavers have experienced a wonderful sense of God's provision and abundance over the years and have no regular external sources of funding.  We receive donations and gifts from many who choose to become involved. 

We are all learning to 'live lightly' in different places across our community, reusing and reclaiming, requiring just a minimal level of financial support.  Some Friends and Members are able to support us financially, but this is not an expectation - we particularly value your prayers and practical support.

When you send or leave a financial donation at Hopeweavers, it is recorded 
and banked by the Hopeweavers honorary treasurer.  It is from these funds that expenses for hospitality, art materials and other resources are drawn. 

We do not employ anyone nor own any property.

Your gifts in all forms are equally appreciated

Do let us know if you have gifts or resources you could share with us.  Gifts have included bags of small pieces of fabric from the Harbour Project for Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Swindon - surplus to requirements from their 'Sewing Circle'.  Visitors also regularly bring gifts to hopeweavers in support of local food banks, in particular the Basics Bank in Southampton.

We use 'Jesus - an introduction' to share with guests. Hopeweavers are grateful to be able to offer this excellent resource - thanks to all those who have donated! Please let us know if you can donate to cover our next delivery.

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We are grateful to those who are able to support hopeweavers financially on a regular basis - to request bank details for making a one-off gift or to set up a standing order, please get in touch.

With many thanks for your support. 

Updated 14/09/20 


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