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Our Gathering of Promises for 2017 was held on Advent Sunday, December 3rd 2017 and led by our Episcopal Visitor Bishop Jonathan, Revd Canon Fi Gibbs and the Venerable Caroline Baston The photo shows most of our current Members.  The Community of Hopeweavers has 48 Members, sharing lives and our ministry together as part of our Acknowledged Anglican Religious Community. 

Inauguration of the Community of Hopeweavers 6th December 2015

In 2015, 31 pioneer Members of the Community of Hopeweavers made their first  annual promise to live to the Hopeweaver Rule of Life, supporting the ministry through prayer and practical service.  

Community (Cloister) Quiet Days and dates for Community Events for Members and Enquirers 

We gather as Members and Enquirers to experience space set aside for the Community of Hopeweavers to share some stillness and conversation.  
There are also three Summer Community Events listed which will involve sharing and discussion through practical work and service.  
The 2018 dates for these sessions are: 


Thursday 18th January - Community Quiet Day
Saturday 10th February - Community Quiet Day
Thursday 22nd March - Community Quiet Day
April - a fallow month for the Community of Hopeweavers
Saturday 19th May - Community Event -  All Members and Friends very welcome but please do remember to book your place with us - light picnic lunch provided and there may even be a glimpse or two of a Royal Wedding!
Thursday 24th May - Community Quiet Day

Saturday 23rd June - Community Quiet Day

Saturday 7th July - Community Quiet day

Saturday 14th July - Community Event

further dates to follow for later in the year...

Please see the latest mailing for details for these times and venues led by Members of the community.  Places are limited for each day.  Do remember to book your place in good time, through our usual booking system. 

Rule of Life

The Community have our own Rule of Life and encourage those exploring becoming more involved as Members, to make it their own.  

It is framed under seven headings Worship, Work, Study, Relationships/Community, Stewardship, Creativity, and Health Rest and Renewal.

Please contact us for more information


There are currently several people actively following a path to find out more about becoming a Member of the Community.   We recognise them as Enquirers to the Community of Hopeweavers. 11 Enquirers stepped forward into membership and made their promises at Advent 2017.

Supported by a Guide from the team, over the period of a year or more, each Enquirer is discerning whether they will step forward into Membership.   For those who do step forward, this will include making an annual commitment to live for a year to the Community of Hopeweavers Rule of Life.

We welcome enquiries from those considering exploring membership.
Please contact us for details.

Being a Member of the Community of Hopeweavers

Most of our 48 Members are very involved in their home churches - as leaders and as active participants - over 20 different traditions and churches are represented within our current membership.

Each Member is part of a Community of Hopeweavers small group, that meet about 6-8 times a year to encourage and share the journey of living to a Rule of Life.  These groups are seen as additional to local church membership.  Members and Enquirers are also invited to be part of Community Quiet Days (Cloister Days) - see above - space set aside for the community to gather together, to consider our particular contributions as we grow our community.

Members and Enquirers participate and lead weekly times of prayer and Friday Midday Holy Communion in West End, alongside other forms of prayer and practical service.

Community of Hopeweavers Cross

Members of the Community of Hopeweavers carry a simple cross made of copper and aluminium rod - rod used by sculptors as the foundation for their work. Each cross is slightly different and made by community artists. It represents the risen Christ at the centre, bound in copper in three places to represent the Trinity.  The cross and circular frame, like our Rule of Life, remind us of our focus as we seek to be followers of Jesus.  

 Updated 23/06/18


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