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February 2019

There will be a pop-up art gallery on 
Saturday 9th March 2019 at the AGM for the Community of Hopeweavers.  The aim is to share creative work undertaken by Members and work begun through ArtSchool@hopeweavers. If you would like to be part of this time of sharing or are a Member or Enquirer and want to display some work, please contact us 

It was a privilege to host the Retreat Association Icon - a focus at the National Archdeacons Conference as part of the worship led by a small team from the Community of Hopeweavers.  The icon has been seen by many groups and individuals over the past few weeks including folks from the Winchester Diocesan Spiritual Directors Network, CoH Quiet Day participants and those coming to West End for prayer and Holy Communion each week. It travelled on to Buckfast Abbey and then many cathedrals, churches, religious communities and retreat centres over the coming year - for information  

It was also the centre piece for our gathering service on the 13th January 2019. A privilege to be with Bishop Jonathan as he led his last service before he moves to become Dean of York. 50 Members of the Community of Hopeweavers stepped forward to make their annual promise to live to their Rule of Life through 2019.

Looking for space 
to pray with others during the day?

You are most welcome to join 
Members of the Community in West End from 12-12.30pm for Midday Prayer on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays including an extended time of stillness, and on Fridays for Holy Communion.   You are welcome to join Members and Friends in Shirley for Midday Prayer on Wednesdays - please contact us for details.
There is no need to book for these times of prayer.

Please note that during our fallow months of April and August, the Community share a different rhythm of prayer.  Members pray in their own churches and in various homes across the area.  There are no open times of prayer in West End and Shirley during these fallow months.  
Please contact us for further details 

snapshots from November 2018 ... members of the 
Community of Hopeweavers were involved alongside others as part of a range of 
sanctuary space events including ...  St Columbas Retreat House, Woking All Saints Creative Quiet Day ... Blended Festival - Ely Cathedral National Fresh Expressions Festival  ... Companions for the Journey - Sarum College Spiritual Directors Forum ... Gaze Consider Contemplate Imitate Hilfield Friary Retreat

Resources for prayer and for sharing

Prayer cards designed at Hopeweavers are available at the Hopeweaver Bookstall. We offer great value mixed packs and our prayer cards are 

shared in chaplaincies, retreat houses and churches. 
Special 100 card packs now available for £30 
You can see the Sunday Prayer card series 

on our Facebook page - contact us for more details  

Updated 19/02/19

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