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July 2018

Looking for space to pray in the day?

You are most welcome to join Members of the Community in West End from 
12-12.30pm for Midday Prayer on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays 
including an extended time of stillness, and on Fridays for Holy Communion.   You are welcome to join Members and Friends in Shirley for Midday Prayer on Wednesdays - please contact us for details.
There is no need to book for these times of prayer.

Please note that during our fallow months of April and August, the Community share a different rhythm of prayer.  Members pray in their own churches and in various homes across the area.  There are no open times of prayer in West End and Shirley during these fallow months.  
Please contact us for further details 

Gathering of Promises 2018/2019

Save the date!

Departing from our previous Advent time of making Annual Promises, we are moving our celebrations to January.  

Our upcoming Gathering will be on 
Sunday 13th January 2019, at St Luke's Church 
Hedge End Southampton from 6.30pm 

You would be very welcome to come and join Bishop Jonathan and to be part of 
this exciting time!

 why not consider being part of 
one of our Quiet Days this year? 

Wednesday 27th June - Quiet Day at St Columbas 

Retreat House, Woking 

Friday 6th July - Quiet Day at Wolvesey Palace, Winchester 

now taking bookings for ...

Friday 26th October - Quiet Day at Wolvesey Palace, Winchester - come and enjoy some set aside time 
in this beautiful space!

Thursday 1st November - Quiet Day at St Columbas House, Woking - a house of retreat and prayer - please book for this day directly through St Columbas


Saturday 17th November - Quiet Day in West End, Southampton - come and share some 
set aside space alongside 
Members of the Community of Hopeweavers 

Retreat Association Conference 
Thanks to everyone who helped to create 
a prayerful space at The Hayes ... 
read the conference feedback here! 

Sounding the Silence - 18-21 June 2018 
The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire
Malcolm Guite, Martin Laird, Jacqui Lea, Sara Maitland, Frances Novillo and Peter Tyler alongside Patrons - Fr Christopher Jamison and Revd Graham Sparkes

Resources for prayer and for sharing

Prayer cards designed at Hopeweavers are available at the Hopeweaver Bookstall. We offer great value mixed packs and our prayer cards are shared in chaplaincies, retreat houses and churches. 

Special 100 card packs now available for £30 

You can see the Sunday Prayer card series on our Facebook page and please  contact us for more details  

      Updated   13/08/18


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